May I bring my own Kayaks?  

Yes you may bring Kayaks but they must remain in transport vehicle. No launching from campsites only designated areas. Kayaks cannot be cleaned with campground water as it is all filtered for campers use. We do not transport campers Kayaks.

May I bring an extra tent? 

Only 1 tent is allowed on single sites and 2 tents on group sites. The only exception is picnic table tents which may be used but must be a designated picnic table tent. No trees may be used to string up covers for tables or chairs.

May I bring boats or jet skis? 

The campground is very limited in space and if you want to bring any extra watercraft or trailers you must get prior approval and there will be a 25.00 charge per night.

What are extra charges? 

Firewood, shower tokens, extra cars, or extra guest. See site for lists and purchase all extras on checkout page.

What is the age limit for camping? 

All campers must be 21 or older to register for a site. All state laws must be followed on the campground. If the register is 21 they may have guests under 21 but will be responsible for all Michigan laws for minors.

May I bring a motorcycle? 

Some motorcycles will be required to park at front of campground. This will be at the discretion of the camp manager.

May I book a site that is between the cabins?

Only guests registered in the cabins may book those sites.

May I bring my own firewood or take what I have left with me?

No. It is illegal to transport firewood and we are a burn where you cut it campground.

May I cancel for poor weather forecasts?

No sorry. We cannot guarantee weather ever. It is part of camping. We do not refund or reschedule for weather.



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